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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Picky Picking

In summers past my husband and I would go to just about every flea market within driving distance and then some on the weekends. It's something that we enjoy doing together and our daughters love the hunt as well. So far this year we've been to only 2, spending most of our weekends gardening and working on projects here at home. We've become pretty picky when picking because we already have too much stuff. We try to only pick those things that we are positive we can use or things that we really love and feel that we can't live without ; ) Like this bird cage stand that we found on Saturday.
It's the perfect stand for the old birdcage that I've had forever.
 It's hand made and has the same look as our light fixtures in the kitchen.
 Although it would make a nice home for a bird, it makes a wonderful plant stand too.
It was one of those things that I knew we would use.

My husband found this chicken which I wasn't sure about at first, but love it now.

My daughter did this lovely chalk art for me.
The chalk board was one of last years flea market finds.
 It all fits together so well.
It feels great to have the kitchen decluttered.
 Simple and sweet.



  1. Hi Miz Karen Ann!
    What a great bird cage stand! The chalk board is pretty wonderful too, she is a very good artist! The chicken, or is it a rooster, anyhow, another treasure. You have the best stuff my friend.
    Nice banner!

    1. Thank you Marcie! I think it might be a rooster. I was shocked that my husband bought it. It looks very French Country I think.