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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Love

Flea Market Season is upon us here in PA.
That is a good thing because my husband and I love junkin and a bad thing because we already have so much stuff.  Our weekends usually involve some sort of pickin, whether it's a flea market, garage sale, thrift or antique shop. It is a rare occasion that we make it home without at least some little trinket or other. 
I'm loving small vintage  ceramics lately. 
I had a hard time controlling myself when I found these old wooden Asian shoes.
I have a small corner devoted to my collection of vintage Asian treasures and these were such a great find. I just had to have them.
This sweet puppy lost his mate and has a booboo eye. I had to rescue him before it was too late.
This befuddled looking cat reminded me of myself most days.
This vintage fry pan is such a happy color with the sweetest designs.
It ALMOST makes me want to cook something ; )

I hope all you pickers and junkers out there are finding lots of sweet treasures that make you happy too.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Ruffled Feathers

Inspired by the little blue birds who are nesting outside my kitchen window.
Instead of working on my house, I'm playing.
Made of random bits and pieces of vintage lace and fabric, then stained with diluted acrylic paint.
 I suppose I made them because they make me happy.
Little Blue Birds of Happiness