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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pods a Plenty

Old hippie pants never die.
These pants were just hideous, but they were comfy and soft and I love the colors and designs of the patches. I got tired of patching the patches though, so I bought a new pair and I'm turning these into something else.
They could be berries or buds.
Maybe I will glue them into a wooden frame to hang on the wall.
How about some type of textile jewelry?
I think there's enough fabric to do multiple projects, so for now I'll just keep making pods.
Thanks for having a look.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Textile Coins

I've had a love of textiles for as long as I can remember.  I started hand stitching when I was 6 years old, making primitive clothes for my dolls with left over scraps from my mother's sewing projects and before that playing with baskets full of rag balls that my grandmother used to weave her rugs. By the age of 12, I was making my own clothes, and still do from time to time. Currently my interest in textiles is for vintage and antique cloth. Old clothing that I dismantle for the fabric, vintage household linens and antique flour and grain sacks. Giving them a new purpose makes me happy.

Textile Coin Necklace
To make this necklace I traced a thread spool onto an antique grain sack and cut out circles.
I stitched the circles into lots of little yo-yos.
Each coin was made by placing two yo-yos together with the stitched sides facing, using a blanket stitch to assemble them.
The coins were then strung together onto some heavy cotton thread with a knot between each one.
Not very sparkly, but it's my kinda bling.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hanging On By A Thread

Six years ago I went through some major health issues and spent the better part of a year traveling back and forth to Cleveland Clinic. I had a tumor and a section of my left lung removed. While all this was going on, I was also diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease. They did a biopsy of my thyroid and was told that there was no cancer, so I didn't think much about it as the lung issue was priority at that time. Other than taking a pill each day to replace the hormones that my thyroid wasn't producing any more, it didn't seem like a big deal. Boy was I wrong! As time went on I developed more and more symptoms related to the Hashi's. Most days I can barely get out of bed. I live with constant pain and exhaustion, brain fog and head aches,weight gain and skin that looks like I'm 90 years old. I feel as though I am "hanging on by a thread".

Since I don't go out much these days and I have no energy, I spend a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest. I search for inspiration and hope each day that I have enough energy to be creative in some small way. The following are some photos of my latest attempt at creativity.

Hanging On By A Thread
Necklace made of gray linen thread crocheted over a string of colorful wool beads.
The thread (Wolverine 20/2) is from Belgium.
The beads I hand felted a few years ago during a visit by my friend Odile Gova or  Woolly Fabulous, as she goes by in the art world.
I'm very pleased with the end result and so excited that my spark for creating is returning little by little.
I hope to share more of my creative journey with you as I adapt to living with Hashi's.
Thanks for listening and best wishes as you battle your own struggles in life.
Keep hanging on!