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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inexpensive Home Decor

Three inexpensive decorating ideas:

*I placed a potted mum in a hollowed out pumpkin.
*A heart shaped rock sits between some potted plants.
*Bird nest under glass.

Upcycled Decorating

As winter approaches, I am compelled to change the look and feel of my home to something warm and inviting. You can create a whole new look without spending a lot of money just by moving things from one room to another or upcycling something old into something new. I've been finding some interesting pieces at my local thrift store for next to nothing, as well as some forgotten treasures packed away in boxes in my basement. Crafting with things found in nature is another way to freshen up the look of your home and it doesn't cost a thing. I'm having a lot of fun with this idea...a sort of challenge to do a home makeover for free or almost free. I'd like to share my ideas, so I'll be posting some of my decorating tips here on my blog. I'd really like to hear about your upcycled decorating ideas as well.

The first project I'd like to share is a new set of kitchen curtains that I made from some old muslin tab panels. The panels were my living room drapes about ten years ago and were stashed away in a box in my basement. I cut off the tabs and hems, stitched two of them together end to end, then folded the top down to form a casing for the rod to go through. That's it. Fresh new curtains that didn't cost a thing.

The windowsill needed something new too. I filled 4 thrifted spice jars with some moss and pebbles from my backyard to create some tiny terrariums. They will keep me thinking Spring during the long winter months ahead.

Total cost for these window makeovers was about 50 cents for the thrifted spice jars. I love the new look and it inspired me to wash those dirty windows.

Octobers Giveaway

Well, it's almost the end of the month and I haven't posted anything for the free giveaway that I promised. I do apologize. I will do my best to continue the freebies until the end of the year. About a year ago, my health started to decline. It's not something that I like to talk about, but I have to tell you, some days and weeks are good and others not so good. This being said, the first part of October was one of those not so good times. I'm sure many of you know how this is. Okay, enough of that...let's move on to the free stuff...
I will be giving away one of my handmade, lavender, bird sachets on Nov. 1st. Please share a link to something handmade and bird related in the comments. I will draw a name from those comments next Monday.
Thanks for being patient. I will try to list the next giveaway the first week in November.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crafting With Moss

Wool, wool, and more wool. Over the weekend I felted most of the thrifted wool coats and sweaters that I've been collecting over the past couple of months. I ended up with about 6 bushels of felted wool pieces for my craft projects. While I waited for each washer load of wool, I did some crafting with moss. Needless to say, I made quite a mess, but I'm happy with the end result. The hanging tea cup with bird nest is an idea I borrowed from Lisa Jordan. Thanks Lisa!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indian Summer Day

Today was a perfect day for doing a little outdoor exploring. The sun was shining and there was a warm autumn breeze. I took advantage of the beautiful Fall weather and walked along the edge of the woods taking pictures and looking for chestnuts. I found only five. There weren't many to begin with due to the lack of rain here this summer and the animals had already gathered what they could. Maybe next year.