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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dust and Stuff

Last week I purchased a new phone.
I'd read that the Samsung Galaxy S7 had the best camera, so that's what I chose.
It does take fabulous photos and I'm happy with it except for the frustration of transferring those photos to my Mac. Anyway, here goes………
Somehow, I got it to work and I was so excited that I posted these without editing them.
These were taken yesterday near Grove City, PA.
My husband and I were visiting some antique shops, which is something we rarely do these days.
We don't have space for more junk, so a few pics will do.
It was fun just to look and spend the afternoon together.
It's funny to me how some of the shops look as if nothing has changed from one year to the next.
Even the dust stays the same.

I plan to be back here more often in the future.
Hope you'll join me!