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Monday, March 7, 2016

Textile Coins

I've had a love of textiles for as long as I can remember.  I started hand stitching when I was 6 years old, making primitive clothes for my dolls with left over scraps from my mother's sewing projects and before that playing with baskets full of rag balls that my grandmother used to weave her rugs. By the age of 12, I was making my own clothes, and still do from time to time. Currently my interest in textiles is for vintage and antique cloth. Old clothing that I dismantle for the fabric, vintage household linens and antique flour and grain sacks. Giving them a new purpose makes me happy.

Textile Coin Necklace
To make this necklace I traced a thread spool onto an antique grain sack and cut out circles.
I stitched the circles into lots of little yo-yos.
Each coin was made by placing two yo-yos together with the stitched sides facing, using a blanket stitch to assemble them.
The coins were then strung together onto some heavy cotton thread with a knot between each one.
Not very sparkly, but it's my kinda bling.



  1. I love these! Good colors... and there is quite a few hours spent making them all and stringing each one. It is the kind of thing my cat would have all over the place. Of course she thinks everything in my sewing room is there for her entertainment.
    You still take "wonderful" photos my talented friend.
    Signs of spring are very encouraging now.
    Hang in there.

  2. I like this style, but it's long to do!
    good leisure for the next winter; do them near fire ! Or in the garden in spring...

    1. Thank you Anne! It was very time consuming, but I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I'd love to see yours if you decide to make one.

  3. Thank you Marcie! It did take a lot of evenings to make all those coins, but I'm happy to feel well enough to work on some things lately. What have you been making?

  4. You are such a creative person, Karen...I would never imagine making this! I love the old, faded look!

    1. Thanks Linda! Perfect for keeping my hands busy.

  5. Another so beautiful necklace, from your hands, I love the old material you have used Karen, and all the beautiful work you have done, what a patience, to sew so many together by hand.
    Thank you for your comment back to me, yesterday ,-and for your kind words about my dolls and other work. I`m happy you visits me sometimes. I wish you many happy hours creating more textile art pieces.

    1. You are very sweet Dorthe! I feel like my day isn't complete unless I'm working on something creative and I have a feeling you are the same. Thank you so much for visiting me again.

  6. Hi there - I really, really love your necklace - it inspires me, as does much of your makings I see on your blog. I too have Hashimoto's, it has been ten years now and although my levels are fine I have never stopped having symptoms, the fatigue is the worst. However, I keep on making things and feel lucky to have the ability to do so, in fact I NEED to make, it keeps me sane and brings joy. So thanks for sharing your story as it made me feel a little less alone and I hope so much that you will be luckier than me and become well again.