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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Garden Shed Project

A few years ago we started to build a garden shed for housing all my pots and tools. It was a small building about 10' by 10'. It held my garden supplies, but didn't have a door or siding. Over time, because it was left open to the elements, it started to deteriorate. We considered taking it down, but my awesome husband decided to remove the bad parts and make it bigger and better instead. This is what we have so far.
I've been thinking that it would make the most lovely fiber studio….
I can see myself sitting on the little porch with my spinning wheel, but then where would I put my gardening supplies.
 We've ordered a burgundy tin roof for it and the door will be burgundy as well.
The columns have been in my dining room for the past several years as part of my decor, but they are exactly where they need to be now. The old salvaged door and the windows have been stored in our machinery shed and are exactly where they need to be as well. It feels good to use the things we've salvaged and saved for so long.
I love this old door and can't believe that none of the glass was broken over the years of being in storage. I have a beautiful set of crystal knobs for it that I picked up at a flea market last summer.
The little chippy bench sitting on the porch was made of salvaged wood and is a perfect fit under the salvaged window. Even the hinges for the door are salvaged hardware and there are two sets of shelves inside that were rescued from an old building near here that was being torn down.

I love my garden shed and my sweet awesome husband for working so hard to make this special place for me.



  1. It's darling! Your husband is awesome. He obviously gets the concept of well-worn beauty. I'm lucky to be getting a potting bench along a wall in the new detached garage we're building. Oh how I wish it looked more like yours.

    1. Bet your space is awesome too Cheryl. I can't wait to be able to do some decorating.

  2. Oh Miz Karen Ann! It is too wonderful! You lucky girl! I love the door, and the columns, how nice they all came to find their place in life once again. I will look forward to seeing the finished shed. Are you going to paint her? I love the way it is nestled in the trees too. Do I see a little banner in the window? The man needs a special hug for sure! I love your new blog banner too.