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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Throughout the Holiday Season things get a little hectic around here.
I work hard to keep my home looking it's best, but my bedroom tends to get neglected.
After a while it starts to look like an explosion in there, so yesterday I spent the entire day sorting through the mess. I took a few photos of some of my favorite things while I was sorting and organizing to make it a little less like work.
I came across this dusty old photo of myself from 20 years ago.
I can hardly believe this is me.

I love this pink, satin, vintage glove box.
It was a gift from my very dear friend Sharon.
You should check out her blog.
She creates the most wonderful jewelry ever and I feel very lucky to have several of her pieces.

My sweet daughter surprised me with this pair of pink ballet slippers for Christmas.
She knew I wanted these to use as decor and photo props.
If you're into vintage clothing you should check out her Etsy shop.

Isn't this sweater fabulous?
I found this in a thrift store last Spring while we were vacationing at Cape May, NJ.

Here it is again with a flower that I crocheted.

I purchased this pretty pink hat recently for just $2 at Yoder's Antique Mall here in Punxsy.
Love this flower!

This chippy chalkware bookend is just so cute.

The heart shaped rock was given to me by my husband years ago as we walked along the beach together. I found it hidden away in a drawer. It brings back such special memories.

Pearls and pretty lace jewelry.

My collection of pretty glass jars.
I love the way they sparkle and shine.
These gorgeous ornaments were a gift from Sharon too and although my decorations are all taken down and put away for next year, I couldn't pack these away. I have them hanging from an old window that sits above the fireplace in my bedroom. The thought of hiding these away until Christmas next year made me sad, so I'm leaving them right where they are. Thank you Sharon. I just love looking at these!

I had fun sorting through the mess and uncovering some of my favorite things. I even managed to vacuum, dust, and put clean linens on the bed.

I love it when I have the time to turn work into play.

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  1. Thank you so much Karen for sharing my gifts, your pics are so gorgeous, and your decorating skills are fantastic! Your home is so beautiful.....you are so so talented!

  2. I often fall in Love with my Stuff all over again whilst sorting, editing and organizing. I have accumulated so much that some of it gets stashed away, forgotten until rediscovered as I attempt to be a better domestic goddess! *winks* Loving your Millinery Flower & Heart Shaped Rock especially!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... dawn... The Bohemian