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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mannequin Guts & The Big Furry Hole Digging Beast

This is my latest creative project.
It is in it's beginning stages right now.
At the moment it sort of reminds me of something out of a" Tim Burton" movie.
She is my creation.
I think I'll call her Hortense.
(It's an old Victorian Era name.)
She's been asleep in my basement for many years.
I've awakened her to live forever in the FLOWER FOREST.
(or at least until she falls apart)

The brads and brackets look like eyes to me.
So you see: ) her eyes are in her neck because she has no head or you could say, her neck is her head.
The burlap bow, her hair.
The chicken wire behind her is the collar of her dress.


Hortense has a dress made of chicken wire.
I am developing a plan to cover her wire dress with moss, sticks, and other beautiful things from the forest floor.
She will then be named "Hortense, Queen of the Flower Forest"
She will stand proudly among the budding blossoms.
The vining Clematis will wind itself around her dress in a proper fairy tale manner.
Her job will be to protect FLOWER FOREST from this:

And here he is again. The hole digger extraordinaire.
He can dig out a flower before you even know he's there.
He seems to be afraid of the old dress form, so let's hope it works.
Anyway, this is what he (Jack, our dog) thinks of the whole thing:

And this too:
He's actually yawning (that's what he does when he's nervous) and not throwing up as the picture implies.
He's a little worried that Hortense is taking over his kingdom of endless holes and dead flowers.

It's entirely too hot to work in the FLOWER FOREST today.
Hopefully, I'll have pictures soon of a finished creative garden.

Hope I made you smile!
Big hugs from Hortense and me.
Jack doesn't care.


  1. So cute - and clever, too! And Jack's a handsome guy, though apparently one with a bad habit (like most men?).

  2. Your furry one is too funny! And I love the idea you're doing with Hortense - can't wait to see the finished product!