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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Day Of Rest

Well, I've managed to work myself into a day in bed.
It's the most perfect day we've had weather wise in a while.
Warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze and finally no awful humidity and where am I…in bed, dizzy, too tired to move and just feeling generally exhausted.
The guest room is painted now, but the contents of the room are piled everywhere throughout the first floor of the house, and I have no energy to put things right. My body is telling me that it's had enough.
My sweet daughter stopped in on her lunch break and made me a lovely croissant with cream cheese and jam and a cup of tea with wildflower honey. I promised her I would stay in bed this afternoon so she wouldn't need to worry about me, so here I am with my cup of tea, my computer, and a pile of books. Jack is sleeping on the floor beside the bed. Always near in case I need protection from any unusual sounds and such. He's such a faithful companion and a good watchdog.
Time for a nap now. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and will have photos of a freshly painted guest room to share with you.



  1. I am glad you are resting my friend, you have been so busy. . How could you not feel better after squishing around in all your pretty linens!
    Take care of "you", I hope you feel better when you read this.


    1. Thank you dear Marcie! I am feeling great this morning and ready to get things put back where they belong. Another project almost finished!!!