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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fiber and Fleece

Yesterday I got to spend a glorious hour at a local yarn and fleece shop.
I've been spinning some art yarn lately, but want to try spinning locks.
Wool locks are the least expensive, so I purchased a pound to practice with.
 The angora locks pictured here are just beautiful, but not practical for me.
Maybe someday when I'm better at spinning, but for now I'll stick to something more affordable.
I purchased an ounce of these perfect angora curls just for looking at
This lovely angora was a bit more affordable, but doesn't have the curl I was looking for.
It is still a beautiful fiber and I can't wait to spin it.
If I were 30 years younger I would have my own fiber farm.
I live in the perfect place for it now, but the work required to operate a sheep farm is way more than I could deal with at this point in my life.
What would you do if you could go back in time to when you were younger?



  1. The first pic is totally cute :-) Nice day Karen!!!xoxo

  2. Love the picture of the wooly sheep; just charming! The locks are beautiful; my favorite are the curls. You had a lovely day! xo

  3. Oh Miz Karen Ann, the little sheep is adorable! I love the white locks, just yummie. Angora is slippery it seems, I got some for santa beards once and it worked nice, but would it be slippery to spin?
    30yr. ago??? I would have taken better care of my feet, and worn good arched shoes! ,,,and invested in antique textiles....one could go on....
    I grew up in farming country, I always thought I would have made a good farmers wife. I thought I would like sky diving too. Funny how we change as we get wiser.