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Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Life For An Old Chair

What better place to show off my updated pressed back chair than against the old rescued hutch in my dining room. This old rough chippy chair had been on my porch for years and had seen better days. I brought it inside and freshened it up with a quick almost dry brushed coat of turquoise paint.
 Last Fall I had such a nice harvest of pumpkins and gourds from my garden, but this year's garden was a failure.
 I opted not to spend money buying real ones and instead used some of my faux decor.
 I grabbed up the pretty blue blanket from my daughter's donate pile as she was moving things into her new house last month.
 This small stick wreath was packed away with the faux pumpkins and seemed like the perfect thing to hang on the hutch door.
I'm loving that old chair all over again.


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