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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Salvage Folks

Today was such a hot and humid day.
Too miserable to do anything outside although I did try to do a bit of gardening this morning.
The air conditioners just couldn't keep up with the heat and humidity.
Even the air in my car seemed to take forever to get cool today.
It was a good day to take it easy and play for a while.
I scanned the drawers of reclaimed fabric in my sewing room, dug through a jar of old buttons and sat down at my sewing machine.
 Little Fairy Flo has wings made from part of a bride's vintage head piece.
Her hair is locks of wool and her outfit is made up of scraps of vintage fabric and lace.
Gretta the Grouch is a friend of Flo's.
She's having a bad hair day and doesn't appreciate Flo flying overhead and pointing out the spot of vegetable matter that's stuck in there.
Creating a doll always feels a little like magic to me.
They each seem to have their own personality and no two are ever alike.
Almost real, but not.