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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cuppa Coffee Cozy and Polished Stones

Everyone who crafts knows that you always need to get a head start on the seasons.
I'm usually a bit behind, but while browsing at JoAnn's this week, I came across some pretty Fallish  yarn and some free instructions for a "crochet cuppa coffee cozy".
 I've always liked the idea and look of a mug wearing a pretty sweater, but couldn't get past the thought of the fuzziness along the top of my cup. By dressing up these tall mugs instead of my usual short ones, it worked out perfectly. You can pick up the FREE instructions for these at your local JoAnn''s Craft Store and the buttons from Anita's Etsy shop.
 In keeping with the thought of Fall and it's brilliant colors, I wanted to share some pics of the polished stones I found at the flea market over the weekend.
 Normally I would have paid up to $1 per stone for these, but this entire bowl full was just $2.50.
Don't the colors remind you of Fall?
 And speaking of color...I just couldn't resist a photo of the dew covered bee balm in my garden.
Well, I guess I've had enough fun for this morning. Time to get back to reality and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards.
See ya soon.


  1. Such beautiful colors, Karen. And I just love your choices with the cozies.

  2. Those cozies are amazing, so gorgeous Karen! And the stones, wow, I just want to roll them around in my hands! I adore that bee balm, and I bought that exact one last year, but it did not survive the winter and did not come back this year, I was so sad, but yours looks amazing!

    1. Hi Sharon! A lot of my plants didn't make it through the winter either, but for some reason this stuff comes back year after year.

  3. I am not surprised at your cup cosies turning out so cool, you are a talent my friend. The buttons add such interest. I love polished stones, they seem to sing when you run your hands in them....what a deal too.
    LOve the beebalm! Wowsers!