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Friday, June 28, 2013

Still Raining

The water in the yard went down a bit today and then the storms came again.
 The forecast now is rain every day until next Friday.
My poor dog was so frightened by it all that I found him hiding in the basement.
While I was down there I discovered that the water was up to the basement door.
My husband dug a ditch to get the water to go another direction.
We found a couple areas in the basement where the water had come in, but were able to dry it up quickly.
It's awful out there, so I'm staying inside.
We are safe and have no storm damage and I am grateful for that.
Most of the folks in this area haven't been as lucky.
Hope all is well where you are.


  1. I am glad you are ok, and the water is going down, and you had no real damage to your home. It does take an emotional toll. I will never forget the 29 tornados that hit here a few years ago, and no power for almost a week, but it didn't seem like much as I still had a home. Pretty scary stuff, we are at the mercy of mother nature. May God continue to bless you my friend.

    1. Thank you Marcie. The water has receded back to the river banks this morning except for a few lake size puddles here and there. I'm sure it will rise again over the next few days when it rains again. Tom is out digging more ditches while the water is down in preparation for more upcoming storms.

  2. Oh gosh - not good. I'll keep you in my prayers during this week.

  3. Thank you Jill. The water has mostly gone back to the creek where it belongs. There are some lake size puddles here and there, but we will be fine. My husband took advantage of the receding water and added more drainage pipes and ditches. We had sunshine until this evening, then just a small thunderstorm. I think everything will be fine.

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  5. just found your blog when I was out blog surfing and I have to laugh, I wished for rain so I wouldn't have to water my garden either... now I just pray I will have tomatoes before they all drown...

    1. Hi Caterina. I know what you mean. It's still raining here at least a little every day.