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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Worn Velvet Photo Keeper

My husband knows how much I love these beautiful old photo albums, so when he finds one in good shape he brings it home for me. He has some idea that one day he might find something wonderful hidden behind the photos. I think they are wonderful without any added hidden treasures.
They are treasures all in themselves.

I love the worn velvet of the covers and the beautiful brass hardware.
You can't find photo albums like this today.
The black and white photos contained in these fabulous old photo keepers are like magic.
They are reminders of days gone by.
Precious children.
Dressed in their finest.

I imagine how life was then.

Every picture tells a story.
This last photo is one that sits on a shelf in my dining room.
It's my parents on their wedding day and is one of my most special treasures.


1 comment:

  1. Whatever is that chair made of? The one with the infant in the christening gown? What do you do with the old albums? I'm so curious. And what do you do with the old photos - besides post them here for us to share? I love the ones you've chosen.