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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art Journal Page 2

The Language Of Disease Is Pain
I found this phrase in an ad from the 1870's. I can totally relate to this and I know many of you can as well, so it inspired me to create another journal page.
Made of old cardboard, antique papers, tissue paper, paint, ink, stamp, modpodge, vintage torn lace, magazine scraps and scrap book paper.
I don't follow any sort of rules or learned techniques while creating these pages and I use whatever I have on hand in my studio which is a hodge podge of junk that I've accumulated over the years.
These pages are a meditative type of thing where I just get lost in what I'm doing.
It's more feeling than thinking which is what I need. I have a tendency to over think everything and this is a way of letting that go.
A temporary distraction.

Hope your day is painless!



  1. This is so gorgeous, beautiful it is, Karen, the remnants of papers and lace, the crying eye, yes it is one of the languages of pain, dear.

  2. Thank you so much Dorthe! This is definitely my therapy. And thank you for commenting on my posts! You're awesome! Hugs to you!

  3. I think journaling, in its many forms, is such a beautiful means of expressing thoughts, ideas, dreams and feelings. Kudos to you with just going for it; I know that "over thinking" thing all too well.

    1. Thanks Linda! If I had to go by the rules I wouldn't do it. I've become a make it up as I go kinda person. Patterns and instructions can suck the life out of me.

  4. Beautiful, thoughtful piece, Karen...I can truly feel the emotion in it. xoxo