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Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year

For some odd reason this New Year really does feel like a new beginning. I've gone out a bit more rather than my usual hibernation at this time of year. Spent a day in Pittsburgh with my man and his two youngest daughters. I regret that I have no photos, but I did order new glasses while I was there.
I learned how to take a selfie and lost 5 pounds so far this year.
Finally got to go to Urban Outfitters and found the coolest slippers ever.
Had lunch with a friend at a wonderful little coffee shop.
Tried something different with my crochet.
I've been sharing my knowledge of the hook and my love of fiber.
Jack and I have been walking more.
Keeping things simple.

I'm looking forward to this New Year.
Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful photo of you Miz Karen Ann! Great Glasses! They are a perfect color! Congratulations on loosing the 5lbs. Good going my friend.
    Nice slippers and the vase is kewl too.
    Pretty soon it will be spring! Winter is the promise of spring!