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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Tuesday Treasure Hunt

I love it when our girls come for a visit and I have some time to go treasure hunting with them.
Tuesday Janice and I grabbed our favorite tunes and our bottled water and set out on an adventure.
A trip to Fryburg, PA to visit the antique shop there was our first stop.
I couldn't pass up this pretty umbrella. I have 2 others, but they are made of paper.
This one is silk.
 Love this little vessel made in occupied Japan.
I believe it is chalk ware.
 This sweet doll has glass eyes. 
The thrift stores we visited were a complete waste of time.
Not a treasure to be had, but that's okay.
After all part of the fun is in the search. If it were easy to find just the thing you're looking for, it wouldn't mean as much. These 3 special treasures will always remind me of great day spent with Janice.

We ate lunch at a diner that had more decorative chickens displayed than you could count. I wish I'd have gotten pictures of all those chickens. It was a little crazy. Aside from the over abundance of chicken decor, the food was home cooking at it's best.

On the long drive home we stopped at a Dairy Queen that was rather frightening.
The landscaping hadn't been tended to in years and everything was all grown over.
The people and the feel of the place was just too creepy.
I was waiting for a zombie to come walking out from behind the counter.

Anyway, it was an interesting day filled with the little things that make good memories.
Good company, good food, good music.
Good Day


  1. Great finds Miz Karen Ann! It must be a full moon,,, a creepy DQ, that's just un-American.. and a chicken décor diner, all in one day. Life is interesting!
    I meant to mention Louie the duck in my email, I hope is gets along ok, it is sweet that you are feeding him. How is your granddaughter?

  2. Karen, how fun...sounds like a real adventure! Love the little treasures you found.

  3. Beautiful thing Karen,happy !!! Enjoy weekend ! xoxo