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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tossed Salad Afghan

Happy New Year All
The holidays are over and the kids have all gone home.
It's so quiet around here.
It's like empty nesting all over again.
I miss the Grand Baby most of all.
Who knows when I'll see her again.
The long winter will linger forever as it does every year.
I must keep myself busy.

In the evenings while the kids were visiting.
When everyone had settled down to watch TV.
I worked on a simple project to keep my hands busy.
 When I first started to crochet I bought mostly acrylic yarn from the craft stores.
Natural fiber yarns are a bit costly and since my crocheting wasn't all that perfect back then, I figured acrylic was the way to go. Over time, I've accumulated quite the stockpile of partially used skeins.
I found enough greenish ones to fill a laundry basket.
 Using 2 strands throughout and a simple ribbed double crochet, I made this super thick afghan.
It's warm and machine washable.
I plan to do this with the rest of my scraps as well.
I have a basket filled with purples for the next one.
It's a good feeling to use up some of the supplies that I've hoarded over the years.
And...it keeps me busy while I wait for the snow to melt.
I should have quite the stack of afghans by the time that happens.

Keep warm everyone.
It's cold outside!!!



  1. Beautiful work...Happy New Year Karen!!!!xoxo

  2. Happy New year Karen! Your afghan looks great! I agree, use what you have, things are to costly to throw away, and this color scheme looks great, I love it, you are so good at this!

  3. Wonderful afghan Miz Karen Ann! I love the name...Tossed Salad...perfect!, you are so talented and clever.