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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shabby Chic Floral Arrangement

Don't you just love fresh flowers in your kitchen?

I love being able to step outside and gather flowers from my garden.
Some wild daisies would look good in these vintage milk bottles as well.

 I think the long wire basket is perfect for displaying this arrangement.
Maybe I'll find time to gather some wild flowers tomorrow.
I think Queen Ann's Lace would be nice.
What is blooming where you are?
(Marcie, I know cotton is blooming at your house : )
Have a great weekend everyone!
Karen Ann


  1. Love your hydrangeas in the milk bottles Karen, and i also adore Queen Annes Lace...so pretty and romantic! I have lots of echinacea right now, strawflowers, and the Sweet Annie is growing gloriously....hope to vbe able to share that with you!
    Hugs to you, and much love!

  2. Hey Miz Karen Ann....Lovely hydranea's,,,mine are over now, are you drying them? Wonderful photo,,,I love cut flowers, expecially in the kitchen window where I can see them often. I have roses, begonias, four o'clocks, morning glory just started....oh yea, the crepe mertle is glorious in pink...yes, the cotton! The flower lasts one day, drops off and then...The cotton is "putting on squares", that means the bolls are starting to form. Cliff says the farmers seeds are old and not growing as good as last year, and we should have planted more of our seeds. I guess he knows. They seem ok to me. It is too late to start anymore he says. Oh well, the okra blooms brite yellow daily too. I too love Queen Annes Lace, I pressed some, but we have none in the yard. I'd love to run around your land and gather some! Do show more flowers from your garden for us to enjoy!

  3. Those flowers are simply beautiful. They look very similar to the snowball tree flowers which I have placed in a vase on my table this morning.
    Lovely blog. I'm enjoying it very much.
    Cheers, Joan.