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Monday, June 4, 2012

Crocheted Basket

Early Saturday morning my husband and I took off for the Hazen Flea Market.
While I was there searching for treasure I came upon a little old man selling rolls of fabric that had already been cut for making rugs and such.
He told me how he had designed a mechanism that he used to cut bolts of fabric into long continuous strips so that he and his wife could crochet the strips into rugs.

Since they were no longer making rugs they had decided to sell the rolls that they had left.
I purchased this 3 pound roll and wish now that I had bought all that he had.
Instead of a rug, I crocheted this Shabby Chic basket.
I've made baskets before with fabric strips that I had torn from recycled sheets, but this was so much easier because I didn't need to connect all the pieces together first.
I was a bit disappointed at the lack of antiques at the flea market this time and also at the attitude of some of the vendors. There were more booths with socks, T shirts and cheap tools than there were vintage and antique booths, and there were people who had no prices on their items who barked at me when I tried to deal with them. I was also disappointed at the amount of people trying to pass off their items as being handmade when the tags clearly stated "made in china".
I did find a few things worth buying and a few people who were pleasant to deal with, like the little old man who crochets rugs. Over all it was worth the trip.

See ya soon.
Karen Ann


  1. It is so beautiful Karen Ann, and the rosebuds added just the right amount of interest. Lucky to have found it, maybe they still have some left. You are very inspiring my friend.

  2. This basket is gorgeous Karen! Perfect shabby chic...your design sense and talent are amazing!