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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Few Days In New England

Hi everyone!
Here are a few pics from our little getaway to New England.
The weather turned cold and rainy, so we didn't make it to Brimfield as planned, but it was still a good trip.
We stopped at quite a few antique shops in Maine.

The pictures above are of my favorite.
I purchased a beautiful wooden trench bowl there and some Real Milk Paint, which to my surprise, is made right here in PA.
This place is great too.
I always buy a jar of Maine honey when we stop here.

These are Fiddle Head Ferns.
They were growing in front of one of the places where we stayed.
They look like prehistoric birds to me.
My husband told me that you can eat these and I thought he was crazy and then we saw a man selling them at a flea market for just that.
I thought this was pretty cool.
Loved these flowers. They were growing along the edge of the road in Bar Harbor.
Bar Harbor, Maine.

These last photos were taken late in the evening, our last night there.
It was great to get away and wonderful to get back home.
Hope you all had a great week too.
Karen Ann

1 comment:

  1. No wonder you always find cool stuff. The antiques in New England are in a very different category than those we have here in Missouri. Not that ours are bad, but they're pretty predictable compared to those from other regions.