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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Curtain Tutorial

 Here is a simple tutorial for making curtains using repurposed materials. 

 Choose your fabric. Please use recycled fabric, such as vintage sheets from your local thrift shop. They are inexpensive and there are so many pretty vintage patterns to choose from. Be sure to launder them before using. I purchased this one with a rose pattern for under a dollar. It's one less thing that will end up in a land fill so this makes your curtains earth friendly.
 I made a valance, but you can make them any length . First measure the width of your window. You should cut your fabric twice as wide as your window by however long you want your curtain to be, plus about 4 to 6 inches for hemming and making  the rod casing.
 Make a one inch hem across the bottom and sides of your fabric. Make the rod casing next. Be sure to make it wide enough to fit your curtain rod.
Leave the ends open for the curtain rod to go through.
That's all. You now have a new valance for your window.
I went one step further with mine and added buttons along the bottom.

Do use recycled buttons if possible. I chose some bright colored ones for mine so it will coordinate with the bright colored odds and ends that I've collected for my kitchen decor.
Now your curtain is ready for hanging.
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  1. Simple, darling, thoughtful, useful - you're the best, Karen! I love the multi-colored buttons.