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Friday, March 9, 2012

What To Do

...when you're not feeling all that great.
Like when you have a cold and you just can't really concentrate, but you feel like you need to do something.
I don't know about everybody else, but I have to keep busy, so yesterday I made these.
The bright colors of the fabric cheered me up a little and making these made me feel better.

To make these I ripped the fabric into strips about 2 inches wide.
Then I twisted and rolled the strips while hand stitching them on the back.

This recycled sari silk worked well too.
I twisted and wrapped this one a bit looser than the others and really like the way it turned out.

If I use them as brooches, I will first glue felt to the backs to give them a neater appearance, but if I just stitch them to a garment or use them for a craft project where the back won't be seen, there's no need to glue felt to the backs.

This was such a simple project and kept me busy while I sat around feeling useless yesterday.

I hope everyone is feeling good and getting ready for the change of seasons.
I'll be putting away my winter porch decor later today and heading out to run some errands this evening.
See you soon.

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