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Friday, March 16, 2012

Tags and Apothecary Bottles

Together, my husband and I have five girls.
All grown, finished with college, and living their own lives.
It's a rare occasion, usually Christmas, when we can all get together at one time.
Next weekend four out of five will be here for a sort of birthday, tea party gathering, and I've been busy making little gifty things for everyone.
I've made special tags for putting on their gifts.

These little apothecary bottles are party favors.

I found the bottles at the thrift store of course and filled each one with dried rose petals. 

I decorated them with vintage looking pictures that I printed, recycled sari silk ribbon and old vintage pins.
The tea party is themed vintage and handmade as my girls and myself all love everything old , repurposed and handmade. We will all be wearing vintage clothing as well. Oh, and no boys allowed at this party. My husband will be away fishing  and we girls will be doing girl things for the day.
I can't wait! I should have lots of pretty photos to share.
Have you ever had a grown up tea party? I have one more week to plan and prepare and I'd love to hear any ideas you might have. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh what fun and how lucky you are to have them all together at one time. Is any creating on the agenda? Maybe get some small mirrors with wood frames and decoupage something on them? Quick and drys fast...maybe some lace and nature "things"? Or make tiny little terrariums with air plants or baby ferns to take with them? I can't wait to see the pictures of your party!

  2. How exciting - and how lucky are those girls who'll be getting the vintage equivalent of 'swag bags.'