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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let The Light Shine Through

I have a small collection of old glass bottles.
Half of them were in my craft room and the other half were in our office space taking up an entire shelf that I needed for office type things.
While I was packing them up to move them to the crafting area, I noticed how the afternoon light was shining through the glass.

With the natural light shining through you can see the different colors of glass.
I chose five of the greenish colored ones to use as a group of bud vases.

The rest were put in a closet in my craft room for some future projects.

In order to make room for these in my craft room, I had to purge some things that I had no use for.
My girls will go through the things I've decided not to keep and take whatever they can use and the rest will be donated.

 It's an ongoing process and one that sparks my inspiration as I move things from one place to another. Just like these old bottles, they look beautiful on the table with the light shining through, but they looked like clutter on the dark shelf in the office. The simple act of looking at objects in a different light or different place presents more inspiration.

So, by organizing a shelf in my office, I discovered some beautiful bud vases, downsized the clutter, and have some sweet photos of light shining through glass that I can now use in another creative project.

Let the light shine through....


1 comment:

  1. It takes a keen eye to see all the beautiful nuances that you do Karen....and don't you just love serendipity...moving the glass to another place created beauty, and space!
    You are the best!