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Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning New Crochet Techniques

Over the weekend the weather here was awful.
Nonstop rain and even some snow mixed in.
I jokingly told my husband that I was taking a snow day on Sunday and spent the day playing with a new crochet technique. This is the first thing that I made.

I've made crocheted pod containers before, but not like this one.
This one is wool over rope.

I used the technique from the book "unexpected CROCHET for the HOME", by LENA MAIKON.
I also made a flower using this awesome technique.

The book is filled with really cool, unconventional crochet patterns.
I highly recommend it if you are bored with all the usual crochet ideas out there.
I bought this one at my local craft store (Michael's), but you can order it from Amazon as well.
Here is a close up of another pod that I have started.

Although my items are similar to some of those in the book, I did not use the patterns, only the technique.
I did notice that the author also has an Etsy shop where she sells some of the items from the book already made. I'm sorry I don't have a link for you.

Have you tried anything new lately?