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Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy X Four

Today I have four HAPPY things to share with you.
The first thing is:
Look what I got in the mail yesterday : )
It's a beautiful necklace from my friend Sharon.
She makes the most fabulous jewelry.

You can purchase one of her fabulous creations HERE.

The 2nd thing is:
I purchased this great mirror for just $3 at a yard sale.
I painted the mirror part with chalkboard paint and the frame with white craft paint and now I have a great place to leave messages in my kitchen.

The third thing is:
Yesterday I bought myself this little glass trinket box.
It was something that I had seen in a local gift shop almost a year ago.
You know, one of those things that you think about after you get home, "I wish I would have gotten that...".

And the fourth thing is:

Last year we planted one little lily pad in our pond.
It survived the brutal winter and has grown into this:

I love it and so do all of the pond creatures.
I've seen painted turtles beside it on the rock, fish hiding under it, and frogs all around it.

Well, these are just 4 things that I'm happy about today.
I won't bore you with any more.
The list could go on forever.
Most of all though, I'm happy that I have friends like Sharon and all of you.
Without you I would have nobody to share all this happiness with.
My husband can only tolerate so much of my "HAPPINESS".
Thank you all for visiting and for making my life so much richer.



  1. I can't wait to see what you put in that little glass trinket box. And don't those lily pads know that just yesterday winter was still hanging on by its frigid claws? Here in Missouri, our lily leaves have barely grazed the surface, and we have no sign yet of buds. We've had no spring. Winter turned into hot-as-blazes summer overnight.