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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Creating Space In My Creating Space

I need all this stuff!
It inspires me.
And then there are all the supplies.
You've got to have them or you can't create.
It's so difficult to fit it all into one room...okay, impossible.
I'm working on at least knowing where everything is.
These are all empty so I can use them for more storage.
This is an awesome display unit that we found on vacation.
It's a great place for storing small odds and ends.

I just had to throw that in there: )
Storing the small objects in old glass jars makes it easier to find things.
 I picked up this shelf for just $2 at a garage sale.

This is part of the sewing area.

The armoire is filled with  vintage linen and lace.
A large jar with a rusty lid holds old wooden thread spools.
And the ladder which came from a barn not far from here, keeps my grain sacks organized.

This salvaged door with a chicken wire insert is a good place for drying herbs and flowers.
The white enamel pot is more storage space.

Random drawers make great organizers.

Closets with shelves are key.
I can't show you the other closets.
They aren't ready for public viewing at this time: )

Those are my daughters eyes.
She gave them to me years ago.
She enlarged a photo of her eyes and put one in each picture frame then connected them with a piece of thick wire.

All of my stamping supplies are going into a big wooden blueprint cabinet.
It's not ready for public viewing yet either : )
Right now all the stamping stuff is in boxes in the middle of the floor.

Then of course there's the nonsense that you need just for inspiration.

You know, the stuff you need just because.
Stuff that you've had forever and you just can't part with.
I bought this old typewriter in a thrift shop about 25 years ago.
It doesn't do anything but take up space, but I can't imagine my space without it.
Then there are the current projects.
These are the beginning of some fabulous pin cushions that I will be carrying in my shop soon.
I picked up some antique velvet, vintage linen and lace, silver plated spoons and antique hat pins at the flea market today and can't wait to get these started.

If you're wondering what this all has to do with making space in my space, well...I took a truckload of stuff to goodwill and have only gotten started. More on creating space in my creating space next week, providing there are no crisis or unexpected distractions.

Does anyone else out there have trouble staying organized?
How do you keep your space under control?
I'd love to hear your ideas.

1 comment:

  1. LOL this post sounded so familiar to my ears! I too have lots of "stuff just because" or for inspiration. I think your room looks so cool! I struggle with keeping my little guest room/art room organized with all of my supplies & inspiration. Love the typewriter & sewing machine you have. I'd have those 2 vintage items too, if I could find the space for them. LOL :-)