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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crusty Loveliness

Yesterday was such a wonderful day here. No snow, no rain, and the temperature was above freezing.
Tommy and I set out on a day long treasure hunt.
I found some lovely items for RECONSIDERED and a few things for myself as well.
We purchased a huge mantelpiece for a fireplace that we will pick up later in the week and I found this crusty old architectural piece.
While I was cleaning it, I wondered where it came from and what the building might have looked like.
Did it come from someone's home or maybe a carriage house?
There's so much romance in things so old.
I think most people would look at this and say it's junk, but I look at it and see beauty.
This crusty piece will be a part of my decor.
Maybe tucked between some pretty potted plants
on that mantel we have yet to bring home.
I'm pretty sure this crusty treasure will be showing up again in some future photos, looking lovely and making me wonder still about the history of this amazing piece of something.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Looooove that crustiness Karen! I get heart palpitations looking at that! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Karen, I love that architectural piece. I have two large corbels(12" x 28") that will be hung in the wide foyer doorway leading into our living room. It is an eight foot expanse and I always thought it was too wide. This will cozy it up a little bit. Now, if Mr. B will stay in town long enough to hang them for me!!