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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Box Full Of Nature

This started out as one of those little unfinished boxes that you buy at the craft store. I removed the hardware, added wooden drawer pulls for legs, painted it white, then sanded it to remove some of the paint.
Next, I added the collage to the top and sealed it.
I replaced all the hardware and filled the box with little things from nature.

I like the way it turned out. It's another little thing for my home that makes me think of Spring.

I'm still playing around with ideas for my Umelecky shop on Etsy.
I needed to make a fresh start, but can't decide on a product.
I've been thinking of a shop where everything is made from recycled materials. That would give me a broader selection of things to make and would give me the choice of creating several types of items as opposed to just one. I get so bored making the same things over and over again.
Anyway, that's just one idea. I'm not going to get in a hurry to decide right now. I'm having fun with my vintage shop and will continue to think about ideas for my handmade shop for a while.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been following my blog and thanks for all your kind comments as well. I love reading about the things you're up to and the projects you are working on and it feels good to know that you also read mine.
Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be stopping in to visit you too.
Have a beautiful day everyone!


  1. What a beautiful Blog you have that showcases your beautiful art! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Blog today; I appreciate your comment and visit. I love birds and their nests; this box is stunning and your nests, below, are amazing! I'll be back often. Best always - Marilyn

  2. Your box turned out beautiful! I love the image of the bird on the lid... so lovely!
    Happy Sunday to you!
    ~ Jo :)

  3. What a gorgeous box, Love the nest and eggs inside. Makes me long for spring!