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Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Rid Of Some Stress

This past weekend my very good friend Michele came to visit. We went to lunch, did some shopping, stayed up half the night and talked and laughed and laughed and laughed....

We took Jack outside to chase some bubbles, but he was afraid of them, so we enjoyed them instead. Michele is camera shy and wouldn't let me take her picture. I did get one of her in her pink flannel PJs, but I promised I wouldn't post it. It was good to be silly for a while.


  1. Oh Karen,
    You are so great to get out there in the cold and have bubbles. Are there any houses around you anywhere. You must be way up in the mountains. I am so envious. Rita

  2. Hi Rita,
    It has been a bad winter this year. I actually live in a valley between a bunch of little hills. There are a lot of farms around this area. A lot of Amish families. There is a creek which runs right along our tree line. The closest house is about half a mile away at the end of my driveway. No close neighbors.The mountains are further North.I love it here, but you need to drive a long way for everything (work,shopping,decent doctors,etc.)
    It is very peaceful here though. I guess you can't have everything.