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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Jewelry Making

After a short break from jewelry making, I'm back to it again.
I feel like I am learning more with each piece that I create.
I've wasted a lot of wire over the past couple of weeks, but I think that's normal when you're learning.

I wanted to make a necklace that I could wear with almost anything and I wanted it to be silver.
Because silver is so expensive, I bought only enough to make this one piece.

The cross and part of the chain are vintage sterling and everything else is new.

I'm fascinated with beads made from unusual materials.
The beads I used for these earrings are made of paper.

I've added just some tiny scraps of tattered tulle to this pair of earrings.
They remind me of dancing ballerinas.

I wear a lot of black and gray, so I figured a pair of black earrings were in order.
These were made with vintage rosary parts.

This last necklace was made using a large glass focal bead that was given to me by my daughter.
I made the findings for this piece.

I think my husband must be at least slightly impressed with my efforts.
He's not big on compliments, but he surprised me with some tools for my jewelry making and he's not complaining about the huge mess.

See you soon.



  1. Oh, Karen, I just had to smile at the little tutu earrings. And what a gorgeous bead your daughter gave you. Did you hammer copper for that special finding? And how sweet of your husband to contribute tools to your art. It's so nice to be encourage by loved ones.

  2. You are really catching on quick Karen and doing a great job! The cross is so gorgeous and all the pieces! I love the paper beads too!

  3. It's all so wonderful, but those tutu earrings are just too cute!