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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art Journal Beginnings

About 10 years ago I was all about scrap booking.
My scrapbooks were not the typical one's where every page was someone else's clip art with a few photos pasted to the pages.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  It's just not me.
My scrapbooks were more like a journal of my thoughts, my art and my photos.
Kind of interesting (to me at least) but not very pretty.
Well, a few months ago I purchased some handmade paper.
It's so pretty.
I wanted to save it for something special.

I thought it might make a sweet art journal.

I made the cover with recycled card stock paper then layered on some vintage lace and some dried plants that I gathered from along the woods while walking Jack. Then I embellished it with a couple of flea market items and some text. This was my first experience using gesso. This stuff is fabulous! I felt like a kid who had just discovered the joy of finger painting.

I was lost in the zone of creating.

I didn't care that my just cleaned dining room was now covered in gesso, glue, lace and bits of paper.
This morning I'm a little overwhelmed with the mess, but that's nothing new.
I will organize the chaos today and get ready to make a new mess.

It's all part of the process.

My thoughts today:  Life is short. Make a mess. Play as if you were a child and get lost in doing something that brings you joy.



  1. Say "Yes!" to the mess!! Beautiful.

  2. More, more, more! Bravo!!! This is incredible and beautiful Karen, and I know it is what is in your soul! This makes me happy, and I feel your happiness!