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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wintery Wednesday

It finally snowed again. Not that I'm complaining...I could live without it after Christmas. It's been very cold here this year, but we haven't had much snow until now. I had to put away my clogs and break out the winter boots to feed the birds this morning.
I feel kind of snowed in (not really...my husband plowed us out on his lunch hour). It always makes me feel like creating when I'm snowed in, so I'm working on some lavender sachets that I will post later.
Stay warm everybody!
A big hug to anyone who stops in to read my blog today : )


  1. Thanks for getting out and taking such a beautiful picture. How do you get up there to fill those birdfeeders? I need to go fill my feeder, too, and check on the little ponds on my urban postage stamp. Instead, I keep thinking that pristine snow on the way out there is too pretty to trudge through. Any excuse will do for me when it's only in the mid-teens!