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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gifts From A Friend

Today started out as quite a gloomy day.
This is a photo of snow against the woods in my backyard.
No it's not a black and white photo.  This is actually what it looks like in living color.
Then Mr."UMELECKY" walked in with the mail.
He handed me a package and said "this must be the package you were expecting".
Well, guess what...it wasn't...instead it was filled with beautiful gifts from my friend Sharon!
She is a published artist who makes some of the most fabulous jewelry I've ever seen.
She also sews and creates amazing mixed media art.
Here are pictures of the beautiful gifts she sent.

The letter that accompanied these gifts touched my heart and I am overwhelmed.
I totally love the necklace and am wearing it now.
The rest of these beautiful gifts are going into a shadowbox to be displayed where I can see them.
Thank you Sharon!
You made my day!

You can purchase some of Sharon's art here.

Hope you're all having a bright sunny day where you are!


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  1. Thank you my friend, from the bottom of my heart, for being you!