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Monday, January 10, 2011

Recycled Fashion

I believe I've been using recycled materials to make things since I was a child. I remember a friend telling me a few years ago "Nobody understands the stuff you make". Hearing that remark stunted my creativity for years. I was afraid people would laugh at my work, so I quit creating and sat around feeling sorry for myself. Then one day I decided, who cares what anyone thinks. As long as it makes me happy, I'm going to create whatever I like.
This ensemble is one of those things that people probably aren't going to understand, but it's okay. I may never wear these pieces together as you see them here, but I will wear them.
In these photos there is a doilie used as a scarf, a burlap coffee sak made into a gathering bag, an old pair of curtains made into a skirt, a wonderful inen jacket with shell buttons that was a thrifted find, and my favorite old pair of boots.
I'm interested to know if anyone else would wear any of these items.
Maybe my friend was right.
Maybe nobody does understand my stuff.
Either way, it's all good!
I'm having fun!


  1. I would wear it...in a heartbeat!

  2. Sharon, you are just too cool for words!!!

  3. Yes, I would wear it. My motto is "I want to make beautiful things, even if no one cares".

  4. Love your motto Roseanna! You are awesome!!!

  5. I'd love to wear that skirt, especially with the chukka boots! Gathering bags don't look so great ON me, but I love any kind of bag for stashin' stuff. Keep creating!

  6. The bigger the bag, the better!! I have lots of stuff!

  7. What kind of a 'friend' would even tell you something like that??? I'd wear your creations!